4 Assessment – Ethics Of Human Cloning


As you have already discovered, technological change can impact society both positively and negatively. In this unit, you explored the advancement in medical technology and some of the ethical dilemmas associated with them. For this assignment, you are to assume that all involved have moral convictions (not political or economic) associated with their side of the ethical debate. Your job is to look at both sides as objectively as possible to make an evidence-based judgment.

For this assignment, you are asked to present your judgment on the current ethical debate related to human cloning. You can present the current state of the debate, pro and con arguments, and your judgment using your choice of media. For example, you could choose to create an essay, a PowerPoint presentation without audio, or use Prezi. Please do not create a video recording for this presentation.

Your completed presentation must include:

  • The current state of the debate, include at least one (1) external reference
  • An argument in favor of human cloning, include at least two (2) external references
  • An argument against human cloning, include at least two (2) external references
  • A detailed explanation of which argument you found most convincing
  • A step-by-step description of how you came to your conclusion, include any additional references (besides the ones you already used) needed to support your process.

Be sure to use appropriate sources for the external references required for this assignment.

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