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1.”Set Operations and Venn Diagrams ” Please respond to the following:

· Create an ORIGINAL example that demonstrates how a Venn diagram could be used to study the relationship between two (or more) items or sets.

· Give two reasons why Venn diagrams can be useful in explaining relationships.

· Give at least one limitation you can think of to using Venn diagrams.

2.Logic” Please respond to the following:

· Imagine that you work at a fast food restaurant that is located near the local high school. Every Wednesday night a group of eight (8) to ten (10) girls stop in between 7:15 and 7:30 pm and orders a meal. You notice that several members of the group always come in with wet hair. They eat and talk among themselves and then leave within an hour.

· What reasonable assumption and conclusion might you make about the group? You should use a short story to set up the scenario. However, this must be an ORIGINAL assumption/conclusion/story. This means you should read your classmates postings and come up with a different scenario. We can all be creative this week and have a little fun with this!

· Indicate if you used deductive or inductive thinking.

3.”Algebra Review” Please respond to the following:

· Imagine you are tutoring a classmate in the four algebraic processes (simplify, factor, evaluate, solve). Define each process and provide an example of each.

· Provide an example of using the FOIL (first, outer, inner, last) method to multiply binomials. Explain the relationship between using FOIL and factoring.


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