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Wednesday October 6, 2021 12:00 PM

Revised on November 11, 2020

Submit to: Em Roerick Social Work Department

or mail to:

Metropolitan State Univ ersity Social Work Department

Title IV-E Program 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 100B

St. Paul, MN 55108

BSW Multicultural Child Welfare

Title IV-E Program


Fall 2021

Name Date

Student ID# Estimated Graduation Date

Address Full-time day student

Part-time evening student

Telephone Home Email ________________________________



Before completing and submitting your application for the Title IV-E Program, please view the

following video:

1. Are you an employee or former employee of a county, state, or tribal human services agency? ___Yes ___ No

2. Are you an employee or former employee working in the area of child welfare working with or on behalf of Title IV-E eligible children?

___Yes ___ No If yes, name of agency _____________________________

3. Are you planning to attend graduate school in social work? ___Yes ___ No ___ Maybe

4. Most recent GPA ______ Cumulative GPA ______

5. Have you previously received a Child Welfare Scholars stipend? ___Yes ___No If yes, when? __________

If you answered “YES” to question #5, submit previously written essay or new/updated essay.

If you answered “NO”, submit a written essay of not more than 3 pages answering the following


(a) What life experiences have contributed to your desire to become a social worker?

(b) How has your experience in higher education benefited you as a person and as a developing

culturally competent social worker?

(c) What area of child welfare are you most interested in and why?

(d) Briefly explain your understanding of public child welfare services. Include your understanding

of current critical multicultural issues in child welfare practice.

6. Describe how receiving this Title IV-E stipend will affect your ability to continue in the Social Work program.


  1. Email:
  2. If yes name of agency:
  3. No If yes when:
  4. Date:
  5. Estimated Graduation Date:
  6. Parttime evening student:
  7. undefined:
  8. Cumulative GPA:
  9. Name:
  10. Student ID:
  11. Address 1:
  12. Address 2:
  13. Home Number:
  14. Work Number:
  15. Cell Number:
  16. Text7:

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