Week 8 Discussion

Impact of workplace harassment and violence on the nursing profession

Melissa Gonzalez




Current Relevance of The Topic


Employers however have remained silent over the issues facing the nurses.

They really don’t feel comfortable to address the issues appropriately. A half of the people who have been harassed have remained helpless.

Verbal harassment is propagated by the patients who may pass a stern word to the nurses in the line of duty. Though physical harassment has not been very prevalent, the nurses have still reported cases of physical assault from the nurses (Johnson, 2021).




Research has shown that there is rise in both physical and verbal Harassment among nurses



Verbal harassment has been 59% prevalent



Physical harassment has featured 23% times



How Will The Topic Impact Your Role As A Nurse In Nursing Workforce

The presence of harassment of the nurses while in the line of duty may promote tense working relationship.

It may also lead to decline patient care.

This may cause me a moral distress.

At some point I may end up working with a mindset of fear knowing that at some point I may be hurt by a patient. This may only end up reducing my effectiveness and the way I work.

I do not know how different patients may interpret different patient care methods. I may minimize the care because I fear the outburst of the client.

Incase I am assaulted physically, I may end up not developing depression and stress over the moral decency the society has gone into. This may make me view every other client as a potential perpetrator (Gale, et al. 2019).




Detail Your Plan For How You Would Lobby Your Legislators


I will mobilize my fellow nurses to join the action.

I will engage the union for nurses.

Create time and conduct live interviews with the victims.

We can lobby by affirmative action. By signing or collecting signatures from fellow nurses who have been harassed in the past, it will give me the ground for really fighting against this vice because I have the proof.

The Unions are central and pivotal in solving issues to do with their workers. Meeting the Union leaders will be a boost to me.

The interviews with the victims will enable me to get all possible finer details that In need to get in order to voice my issue (Ekici, & Beder, 2014).


Detail your plan for how you would lobby your legislators

Meet the legislators within my reach.

Use print and digital media to create awareness and launch campaigns against such behaviors.


These are the policy makers that we have. If they can be influenced to make favorable policies, then we may be at peace as nurses. I will meet and talk to different stakeholders to influence the level of engagement.




Ethical Issues Around The Topic

There is a code of ethics to help us address the issues of sexual harassment among women.


The code of ethics require nurses to:

Treat EVERYONE whom they interact with, with respect

Maintain compassionate and caring relationships with colleagues

Organizations that employ nurses, as well as the nursing profession itself, have an ethical obligation to address sexual harassment. The Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements obligates nurses to create “an ethical environment and culture of civility and kindness, treating colleagues, coworkers, employees, students, and others with dignity and respect.



Ethical Issues Around The Topic


It is important to understand what I need to do as a nurse. This will be helpful because I will be on the right track. Though with the prevailing ethical issues against the harassment that is present (Karatuna et al 2020).



Commit to the fair treatment of others.



Resolve conflict.



Value the distinct contribution of individuals or groups.



Collaborate to meet the shared goals of providing quality health services.




It is possible to end harassment in workplace if we all unite to make the difference. We have different capabilities that we need in order to overcome. Suffering in silence kills us slowly till we are gone.







Integrated And Used In Clinical Practice





I must be aware that harassment exists.



The best way to overcome it is to abide to the ethical standards and speak my ideas out to people.



Be careful not to offend or be the starting point of harassment as a result of my conduct.




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