ArcGIS is a powerful and easy-to-use Geographic Information System that helps you to collect, manage, analyze, and visualize data. It provides a platform for students to learn mapping techniques online with a wealth of resources in project ideas.

Ideas For Amazing ArcGIS Projects: How to Come Up With an ArcGIS Project Idea

Here are some pointers on how to begin the process of thinking up fantastic ArcGIS project ideas:

Step #1: Think about ArcGIS projects you could do using your ArcGIS expertise. You can make use of some of the ArcGIS Groups and the ArcGIS Portal, Online blogs, articles, and groups on LinkedIn.

Step #2: Consider the kinds of projects you generally work on and the kinds of businesses you typically deal with.

Step #3:Think about the aims or objectives of the company you are working with or anyone who could be thinking about employing you for a project.

Step #4: Consider the various geographic areas that could profit from your knowledge of GIS.

Step #5: Conduct research on current technological advancements or other pertinent subjects that might be connected to your experience as a ArcGIS professional.

ArcGIS project Ideas for students

ArcGIS is a software that allows users to create and edit maps. It is used by students, teachers, and governments to help them visualize data.

The following are some ideas for projects that you can do with ArcGIS:

  1. Create a map of the United States in which different types of food are represented.
  2. Create a map of the world in which different types of climate are represented.
  3. web-based university campus information system
  4. automate some of the boring and repetitive tasks, using your favorite programming language. 
  5. Create an interactive GIS project for your favorite book store, restaurant location etc
  6. Amalgamated urban studies based on Ontologies
  7. Consideration of the urban transportations
  8. Innovative cities and semantic technologies
  9. Route and operation analysis
  10. Integration of the multimodal in urban areas
  11. Create a map of New York City in which different neighborhoods are represented.
  12. A map of projected population density in the United States by 2050
  13. A map of the most recent reporting for Canadian wheat exports by year
  14. A map showing the projected cost of housing in North Carolina
  15. Location discovery services in urban areas
  16. Urban development data by the sensors
  17. Reclamation of the geographic data
  18. Query handling and optimizing of spatial
  19. A rendering showing the location, size, and coloration of airports in France
  20. An animation showing how land use changes over time
  21. A visual representation integrating local climate data with a satellite image
  22. Spatial reasoning and designing
  23. Structural design of the geographical and middleware
  24. Spatial and temporal handling of geodata
  25. Land use and Land cover analysis and Change detection. Even future predictions.
  26. Change analysis of cost line using past data of satellites and find relation between climate change and sea level rise.
  27. Impact of Climate change on Groundwater.
  28. Analysis of Groundwater Potential Zones using Remote Sensing and GIS, Using Geology, soil, strata chart, DEM data. Total 22 Layers approx. to run analysis.
  29. Network Mapping, Shortest route, Digital database of route for GPS tracking Device.
  30. Development of GIS Data Hosting Server.
  31. Flood Risk mapping, Identification of Danger zones and damage.
  32. Identification of Hydropower Sites Using DEM and model development for different criteria.
  33. Create a map of the United States with state capitals, population centers, and major cities
  34. Create a map of the world with countries, capitals, and major cities
  35. Create an interactive world map that shows different types of terrain
  36. Mapping of Normal and Abnormal route of cyclone and its damage assessment using past data and future prediction.
  37. Soil Erosion and Sediment Modeling using GIS
  38. Identification sites for solar power plants using solar radiation analysis and cloud cover analysis considering earth curvature.
  39. Identification of Minerals using Erdas Material Mapping, e.g. amount of Iron, Zinc in Soil.
  40. Develop a web application using ArcGIS Engine/Server
  41. Required Software :- ArcGIS , Erdas,ENVI, IDRISI 
  42. Estimate the crop yield of different crops by relating NDVI crop Health Index over a Study area and develop a suitable model. It considers time series data for different crops and different seasons.
  43. City Heat Centre mapping Using Thermal Data and also thermal mapping for different seasons and mark safe and unsafe zones when Air temperature reaches upper limit.
  44. Natural Forest loss Mapping by relation climate change data
  45. Impact of Thermal Power Plant on Surrounding Environment. It uses Wind Direction, Temperature data, Land use data Before Thermal Plant and after thermal plant and compares surrounding environment temperature NDVI, Land Changes etc.
  46. Perform Watershed analysis of an area, find runoff, Drainage Density, Suitability of area for irrigation project, Risk and safe zone mapping by comparing soil data and rainfall data.
  47. Glacial Melt analysis and its factor, e.g. change of snowline with time, and Prediction when it melts fully with suitable Mathematical model.
  48. Mapping of Humidity by collecting Ground data, for different months and its impact on different crops and vegetation.
  49. Traffic jam analysis using GIS, using traffic data, mark locations on road where possibility of traffic jam is possible if n/Number of vehicles cross per minute, and suggest suitable suggestions or development of new route and its path for preventing jam. 
  50. Watershed simulation and discharge estimation it use ArcSWAT 
  51. Identification of best places for construction of DAM in the Mountain region. This uses Swat Model, Dem, Rainfall data and Multi-watershed. 
  52. Identification of heat land in urban areas. This uses a thermal band throughout the year. For summer and winter, even each month. At last you will be able to draw an annual average surface temperature map and classify results. 
  53. Impact of climate change on Water flow. This uses ArcSWAT and climate data, Data of IMD.

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Top ArcGIS Project Ideas for Students