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Roy’s adaptation model


The Roy adaptation theory was coined by Johnson Roy which developed the significance of describing the landscape of nursing as a service to the community. This prompted her to come up with the model that would describe the goal of nursing such as promotion of adaptation. Roy first started by consolidating her philosophy of nursing as she made developments in the progression curriculum for the nursing scholars in St Mary’s college and further aired her concepts as the foundation for the integrated treatment curriculum.

Goals of the model in nursing

Roy adaptation model is aimed at enabling nurses to offer holistic care through:

Evaluating clients physiologic approach,

Self concept mode,

Role functioning approach and

Their interdependence style

One of the commonly used models in nursing is Roy Adaptation Model. According to Roy adaptation model, the aim of nursing is to increase compliance and life expectancy. Roy Adaptation Model evaluates the patient in physiologic mode, self-concept mode, role function mode and interdependence mode aiming to provide holistic care. This article describes the use of Roy Adaptation Model in the care of a patient who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and had breast-conserving surgery.


Roy Adaptation Theory in assisting in nursing planning

there are diverse ways in which the Roy’s model will assist in the nursing planning in the care for Sgt. Johns through embracing the following steps

Assessment of the patents behavior

Assessments of Sgt Johns stimuli


Contextual and


The nurses have to determine internal and the external stimuli influencing the patients behaviors

According to RAM, nursing process is a problem solving approach for gathering data, identifying the capacities and needs of the human adaptive system, selecting and implementing approaches for nursing care, and evaluation the outcome of care provided.

Assessment of Behavior

the first step of the nursing process which involves gathering data about the behavior of the person as an adaptive system in each of the adaptive modes.

Assessment of Stimuli

the second step of the nursing process which involves the identification of internal and external stimuli that are influencing the person’s adaptive behaviors.

Stimuli are classified as:

Focal- those most immediately confronting the person,

Contextual-all other stimuli present that are affecting the situation and

Residual- those stimuli whose effect on the situation are unclear.


Other steps in the nursing planning would include

Nursing diagnostic

Setting goals of the care process

Intervention and

evaluation of the outcomes and process efficiency

ursing Diagnosis

step three of the nursing process which involves the formulation of statements that interpret data about the adaptation status of the person, including the behavior and most relevant stimuli

Goal Setting

the forth step of the nursing process which involves the establishment of clear statements of the behavioral outcomes for nursing care.


the fifth step of the nursing process which involves the determination of how best to assist the person in attaining the established goals


the sixth and final step of the nursing process which involves judging the effectiveness of the nursing intervention in relation to the behavior after the nursing intervention in comparison with the goal established.


The model’s critical role in nursing planning

The nurses will asses Sgt Johns new living arrangements

How he is adjusting with the notion of not resuming job

His coping with facts of brain traumatic injuries

The nurses will meet with his parents and determine other influencing factors

The nurses will intervene following outcomes of the assessments

– nurse will assess Sgt. Johns new leaving arrangement how it feels to be care of and not in charge. How is it adjusting with the idea of not returning to his old job. How is he coping with the fact that he had a traumatic brain injury

-The nurse will meet with his mother to identify influencing factor.

Nursing diagnosis/ Goal setting

– The nurse will come up with nursing diagnosis and set up goal for Sgt. Johns to attain.


– Nurse will make intervention based on patient assessment and make time to evaluated them to make change where necessary.


Roy’s model in guiding nurses actions

The nurse have to asses Sgt. Johns to determine how he adapts to the environment

They will motivate the client to express his feelings, beliefs and offer them insights regarding his behavior

the nurses will asses Sgt .Johns view of himself in various aspects like

Somatic self such as body image and sensations

Personal self such as self ideal and constancy

Spiritual which entail developing, perceiving and focusing on self.


Why nurses should listen to Sgt .johns case

From the point of view of the Roy Adaptation Model, for what reason is it substantial for the attendant to tune in to Sgt. Johns’ “story” in his own arguments and not simply base her communications on data from the outline, individual associates, or his household?

– Paying attention to Sgt. Johns recount to his own story, permit the medical attendant to survey his conduct. To thought about the patient assessment and qualities. to tune in to his inclination.

– Information accumulate from diagram and relative are not generally complete a great deal of subtleties are lost during the moved or documentations.

Stressors identified

Some of the significant stressor’s identified in the case following the Neuman’s system model include:

Significant stressor is johns decreased capacity to return to work

Not having the option to visit his companion Joe

Cerebral pain related with Traumatic cerebrum injury finding

Failure to rest around evening time

Mr john have minimal chances of resuming normal operations which can lead to adverse effects including cases of depression associated with financial challenges. He may further experience other adverse effects associated with decreased self esteem and regarding himself as a burden to other people in society.


Care plan for the patient based on Neuman’s system model

Address the awful mind injury and cause of cerebral pain by having hime visit his Primary consideration doctor.

Sgt John should go to recovery to reinforce his leg.

Help Sgt. John rest, by attempting more solid way to deal with discover rest like unwinding procedure, chest area work out, shower, dodge caffeine before bed. Liquor isn’t the most ideal way.

Assist him with figuring out how to move out of his mom house when he can think about himself.

Orchestrate a visit between Sgt. John and his companion Joe.


The most focal thing to both hypothesis is “wellbeing” with the attention on the patient. Condition assumes a focal job on the speed of patient’ recuperating, that is the reason the medical caretaker’s job is to control the earth to advance wellbeing. People are in steady communication with their condition and that condition can be a wellspring of stressor, by meddling with their recuperation.


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