Reengineering Health Care

“Health care reengineering is a powerful methodology that helps organizations reorder priorities, provide more cost-effective care, and increase value to customers. It should be driven by what the customer wants and what the market needs.” Health systems have begun to adopt innovative management strategies and systems engineering tools to improve their health care processes. Nurse leaders must create supportive hospital culture as the key to making important advances in quality improvement. There are key strategies that foster the reengineering of health care. Supportive hospital leadership should be involved in the work. By supporting and providing safe quality care from the top, patient outcomes will be more cost effective and positive. Another key component of a hospital culture conducive to quality improvement is encouraging individual ownership and accountability for patient safety and quality. Hospitals have pursued various strategies to increase staff ownership and accountability. The most commonly reported was to more explicitly include and detail quality improvement responsibilities in job descriptions and performance evaluations for staff and in contracts with physicians. Identifying and promoting nurses and physicians to champion quality improvement efforts reportedly helps empower staff to engage in and move quality improvement initiatives forward. Nurse leaders have excellent communication skills. Leaders that actively communicate with and provide timely and useful feedback to staff reportedly are more likely to foster quality improvement all contributing to positive change in the health care environment. Improving health care quality and patient safety are nurse leaders contribution to reengineering health care.

Discuss how nurse managers and nurse leaders contribute to the reengineering of health care.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years

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