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Questions on Nursing Practices





Exemplar 1

JBSM model consists of environment that involves of all elements which are not part of behavioral system of an individual but which affects the systems and may potentially act as a source of sustenal imperatives. The strength of this model is that some of these elements may be manipulated by the nurse in order to attain health for the patient. The challenge about this model is that the author failed to offer no other particular definition of the environment and that she failed to give clear definition of what she referred as internal versus external environment.

Exemplar 2

According to Orem practice, there are three categories of nursing capabilities: social-contractual, interpersonal, and professional-technological. For this reason, Orem holds that the nurse ought to have capabilities in all these categories so as to perform the nursing system effectively. The capabilities that lead into desirable interpretation nurse features include ability to form relationships as well as effective communication skills. The features of social-contractual aspect need the ability to use knowledge of variations in patients to circumstances of nursing and to establish contracts with nursing as well as clear role boundaries. Professional technologic, on the other hand, has features that require the capability to carry out techniques concerned with the process of nursing such as diagnosis of therapeutic care.

The steps as advocated by Orem are different form my nursing practice. This is because my nursing practice involves thorough therapeutic diagnosis of patients. The step of interpersonal aspect of Orem is quite challenging. This is because this step involves the ability to relationships as well as effective communication skills. As such, this requires that the nursing practitioners establish relationships with other parties that will ultimately ensure that there are good relationships amongst themselves with regard to the service delivery.

Exemplar 3

One of the four modes of adaptation according to Roy is the physiological mode. This mode can be applied in the chapter 10 to show how adaptation comprises the maintenance of physical integrity. This mode identifies with basis needs of human beings such as oxygen, nutrition, fluid, and regulation of temperature. For instance, when examining families, a nurse would interrogate how the family offers for the survival and physical needs of its members. In other words, this mode is about meeting the needs and wants of the family members to as to ensure that they adapt well physiologically (Andrews, 1991).

Exemplar 4

The concept of true presence according to Parse applies to my nursing practice since health practitioners and nurses live the art of “humanbecoming” as described by Parse. Here parse explains that health practitioners and nurses achieve the art of “humanbecoming” in true presence with shifting rhythms, illumating meanings ans inspiring transcending. This elaborates the science of universal living with regard to values such as hope, grieving, courage, as well as day-to-day living (Parse, 2007). Further, this helps my nursing practice in that the ethical principles of human dignity have been set by Parse and involves mentoring, teaching-learning, and leading-following.



Exemplar 5

The nursing practitioner can foster a process of expanding consciousness through ensuring that the needs and wants of the consumers are met. This means that there is moving beyond the concept of giving drugs and performing surgery. Here, there is need for the nursing practitioners to exceedingly ensure that they serve the patients with a human heart and that they appeal to their emotional aspect. As such, this calls for extensive customer service.


Parse, R. R. (2007). The human becoming school of thought in 2050. Nursing Science Quarterly20, 308-311.

Andrews, H. & Roy, C. (1991). The Adaptation Model. Norwalk: Appleton & Lange.

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