Project Bluebird

Ethics in Research Presentation – Module 4


The purpose of this team presentation, like all assignments in this course, is to help prepare you to be a successful nurse. The assignments in this course are to challenge you, work on collaborating as a team, empower you to research, and present your findings to your peers.



The purpose of this presentation is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in the course:

· Module Outcome #1: Examine the historical background that led to the development of ethical guidelines for the use of human subjects in research



This assignment will also help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:

· Communicate together as a team on ethical guidelines in the use of human subjects in research

· Explore and research about the role ethics plays in research




1. Examine the historical background that led to the development of ethical guidelines for the use of human subjects in research. Analyze the assigned experiment/study to assess the purpose of the study and methods/intervention employed on subjects to identify ethical violations.

2. Your faculty will assign you to one of the following research studies with another individual, you will work on this in a team.

a. Tudor Study aka Monster Study;

b. Little Albert;

c. NYSPI/Mount Sinai/CUNY Fen-Phen Study;

d. Tuskegee Syphilis Study

e. Stanford Prison Experiment;

f. Tearoom Trade/Sex Study;

g. Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments/Study;

h. Sloan-Kettering Study;

i. Milgram Study;

j. Study of Response of Human Beings exposed to Significant Beta and Gamma Radiation due to Fall-out from High-Yield Weapons aka Project 4.1

k. Project MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA;

l. Aversion Study

m. Unit 731;

n. Nazi Human Experimentations

o. Guatemala Syphilis Experiment

p. San Antonio Contraceptive Study

q. Henrietta Lacks

r. Gene Therapy Research: Case of Jesse Gelsinger

s. Human Plutonium Inject Experiments

t. Project Bluebird

u. Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study

v. The Oregon and Washington Experiments: Effect of Radiation on Testicles

3. Develop a presentation with voice overlay (create using slideshow technology such as PowerPoint with voice overlay; Adobe Spark, or VoiceThread, for example. Pro TIP: If you’re interested in using Adobe Spark or VoiceThread, sign up with your student email address and select the Free version for either one).

4. Submit the presentation to the discussion forum by the end of Week 7.

5. In Week 8 you will host, with your team the discussion by reviewing other teams to your team presentation/concluding questions and respond accordingly.

6. In turn, you will respond to a minimum of two team’s presentations. For specifics review the criteria outlines below.


Required Presentation Components


1. A 8-12 slide presentation with narration.

2. The content of the presentation should include:

a. Title Slide (name and presentation title)

b. Introduction slide with an attention-getter introduction the focus of the presentation.

c. A description of the research study:

i. Purpose

ii. Subjects/participants

iii. Research methods employed and intervention

iv. Credentials of researchers and affiliation (institution supporting the research)

d. Implications on study participants (how were they affected during and after study/experiment)

e. An explanation of 2 ethical principles that were violated.

f. Conclude presentation with the following questions for your audience/classmates to address in Week 8 discussion forum:

i. Identification of two-three takeaways. In other words, what did you learn about the ethical concept that you can apply to your own decision making in the future?

ii. Do you think that such a violation could occur today – why or why not (justify response).


Criteria for Success (Rubric)



Attention-Getter /5
Description of research study /20
Implications on Study Participants /15
Discussion of Ethical Violations /15
Conclusion Questions /5
Scholarly Presentation & Posting to Discussion Forum on Sunday of Week 7 /10
Hosting of Discussion During Week 8 /20
Response to two peer presentations. /10
Total /100


Clinical Inquiry – NURS 3270

Ethics in Research Presentation

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