Pillars Of South University’s Conceptual Framework Assignment And Grading Criteria

Pillars of South University’s Conceptual Framework Assignment and Grading Criteria

§  Review South University’s Five Conceptual Pillars. Choose four peers and one pillar to develop. No duplicate pillars accepted.

§  Identify and discuss, in APA format (7th edition) an aesthetic interpretation and theoretical basis for the concept you have chosen using at least 3 peer-reviewed resources

§  Word count 750-1000 excluding cover and reference pages

§  A 10% reduction for each group member each day submitted late.

 Topic: Communication ******** COMMUNICATION is our PILLAR for this PAPER ***********

Evidence of Conceptual Pillars

Mention pillars with understanding and theoretical framework identified

Chosen Conceptual Pillar

Pillar identified within the conceptual framework within the nursing profession

Written Paper

Typed paper 750-1000 words using APA (7th ed) format identifying the theoretical basis of the concept, and discussion regarding the impact of nursing practice. No grammatical, formatting or spelling errors

Aesthetic Paper

Utilized the artistic interpretation  to enhance theoretical interpretation and evoke feelings regarding the pillar’s concept into the artistry of professional nursing

Classroom Presentation

Presents a pillar creating an original, creative artistic personal expression of the art of nursing



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