Occupational Fatigue

Normandale Community College

Nursing 2700

Fall 2021


Professional Practice Paper

15 points


PSLO Competencies

1F: Differentiate historical and contemporary issues in nursing.

1G: Identify nursing values that are significant to becoming a professional nurse.

3J: Identify relevant and credible sources in order to evaluate best available evidence utilizing informatics to guide decision making.



Nursing is frequently referred to as the helping profession. Nurses have the responsibility to care for others, and often, this care is given unconditionally. Nurses provide a great deal of care and energy which may result in psychological exhaustion. The nursing values that are significant to becoming a professional nurse may contribute to a lack of engaging in self-care behaviors to help cope with stressors of the profession. With prolonged exposure to high demands and low resources, nurses are more likely to have occupation fatigue (compassion fatigue) and leave the profession (Crary, 2013). Transitioning from the educational setting to the practice setting is also a stressful time learning to work in complex environments interacting with the health care team and system, while caring for multiple patients and families.


Crary, P. (2013). Beliefs, behaviors, and health of undergraduate nursing students. Holistic Nursing Practice, 27(2), 74-88.




Focusing on the issue of occupational fatigue; perform a literature review. Find at least three research publications specifically related to this topic, in addition to your texts. Research should be primarily published within the last 5-7 years. At least two of the research articles should be nursing research. (Published in a nursing journal or authors include nurses.)


Use the following prompts to construct a 4- 5 page paper.

· Define occupational (or compassion) fatigue. Does research suggest this is a problem?

· How might professional nursing values contribute to occupation fatigue? (Why does nursing have this problem?)

· Give examples of historical nursing roles and expectations that might have contributed to compassion fatigue. Do these expectations continue today?

· What does the research suggest as strategies or resources to combat occupational fatigue?


Due September 22nd, 2021



Format paper using APA 7th edition with title page, body of work and reference page (no abstract).

Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, syntax, sentence structure, and paragraph development is expected (see Normandale student handbook). Approximately 4-5 page paper. Use and cite references to support your analysis.


(See posted sample papers. Example 1 needs refinement – errors in grammar, citations, APA formatting, organization, & clarity. Example 2 is a sample of a well written paper.)




APA 7th Edition Format Help


· https://blog.apastyle.org/

· https://owl.purdue.edu/

· Information posted on D2L in content section “Assignments”

· Library has copies of the APA manual.


Grading Rubric 15 points


  4 points 3 points 0-2 points


Analysis Offered a comprehensive analysis and thoughtful insights. Identifies implications of findings on the topic to nursing practice utilizing evidence


Limited analysis or broad generalizations utilized. Missing elements of assignment. Offers opinions, no exploration of evidence
Organization& Clarity Ideas are presented clearly and succinctly; flow is logical Includes introduction, body and conclusion Most paragraphs contain one central idea.


Relevant ideas are presented, but thoughts could be more organized to demonstrate logical flow. May have minor issues with clarity.


Disorganized. Difficult to follow ideas across the document.
Mechanics of Writing Writes in complete sentences. Evidence that the paper has been proofread before submission. Rare errors in grammar and/or punctuation. Issues with mechanics of writing that may include:

· Incomplete, run-on or fragmented sentences.

· Paragraphs are poorly constructed.

· Multiple errors of grammar and/or punctuation.

  3 points 2 points 0-1 point


Use of APA Correctly applies APA document formatting, citations and references. Less than five -seven unique errors with APA style. Greater than eight -twelve unique errors with APA style Does not appear that APA style was consider in body of paper or reference list.

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