Nursing Leadership 4

1.Access one of the following links by copying it and pasting it into your browser. Then write a critique :

2. Look at the matrix and flat organizational charts on pages 307-308 (Marquis & Huston, 2021). Analyze the differences and post your answer. How is each of these different or similar to your own organization’s structure.(I work in a long term care facility aka nursing home, with 60 beds available)

3.Post your answer to one of the following a or b below on the Assignment Board and the Discussion Board; provide support for your answer, other than use of your text.

a.Read learning exercise 12.6- Working toward Shared Governance on page 322 in your text and post your answer to the Discussion Board.

b.Read learning exercise 13.7-Empowering your staff on page 347 in your text. Post your answers to the Discussion Board.

4.Research writings by one of the theorists listed in your text: Max Weber, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Henry Fayol, and Douglas McGregor. Based on your readings what specific contribution(s) do you think this management theorist made to the organization of health care? Write a brief abstract (refer to APA for format) from one of their writings.





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