Nursing homework help

Work 1

Using the learning materials to support your claims, respond to the following prompts in your original post.

Managing chronic illness is a major challenge for the U.S. healthcare system. This challenge is often related to an inability to control the choices people make (for example, diabetics who choose a poor diet that later exacerbates their health complications).

  • From the readings, identify two factors associated with healthcare spending that must be addressed. Why did you choose those two factors?
  • What is a possible solution to efficiently and effectively manage the care of the chronically ill? Use the readings and/or video to support your answer.
  • Describe the current burden of chronic mental illness on our healthcare system.
  • What factors related to mental health disparities and cost did you find surprising?

Your initial post should be 300 to 500 words, with one to two supporting references included.

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