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Professional Roles and Organizations



There are many roles a professional nurse may assume. As a member of a professional group, nurses should become active in one or more professional nursing organizations. There are many reasons to get involved-becoming involved in a professional nursing organization provides the nurse with a voice to address issues that impact nursing practice and provides a means to help the nurse stay up to date in their area of practice.





Assignment Instructions

1. Enter Sentinel City® and interview the City Health Director. The City Health Director has additional information about the various roles that a professional nurse may assume.

2. Review course readings and other available resources.

3. Select three professional roles that are available to nurses and discuss how each role may impact the patient, family, or healthcare in general.

4. Identify two professional organizations and discuss how active involvement would advance the nursing profession as well as contribute to your professional development.

· For a list of state, national, and international nursing organizations, visit at

· Review The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice

· Review the Sentinel Watch. Every Nurse Should Belong to Professional Organization

5. To demonstrate mastery, select to complete this assignment:

· 2-3-page paper in APA format,

· 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation,

· Or 3-5-minute video presentation

6. For questions, contact your instructor.






Learning Objectives

· Identify professional nursing roles

· Analyze how the professional nursing role impacts healthcare

· Identify professional nursing organizations

· Discuss the importance of involvement in a professional nursing organization


Grading Rubric – Professional Roles and Organizations














Professional Nursing Roles Identifies 3 professional nursing roles Identifies 1-2 professional nursing roles Does not identify professional nursing roles
Discussion of how three professional nursing roles impact healthcare Includes a detailed discussion of 3 professional roles and the impact of these roles on healthcare Discusses 1-2 professional roles and their impact on healthcare Does not include a discussion of how professional nursing roles impact healthcare
Professional nursing organizations Identifies 2 professional organizations Identifies 1 professional organization Does not identify professional organizations
Discussion of how the two professional organizations advance nursing practice and contribute to your professional development Provides a detailed discussion on 2 professional organizations and explains the benefit to the nursing profession and self Discusses how 1 professional organization benefits the nursing profession and contributes to professional development Does not include a discussion of how professional organizations contribute to the nursing profession and professional development
Conforms to current APA standards for headings, citations and/or reference page 0-1 APA format error 2-4 APA format errors >4 APA format errors
Student Mastery Level & Faculty Comments:

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