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Nursing is about taking care of the patient. The practice has developed gradually with time. The impact of technology and education has a more significant role in changing nursing practice. (Papandrea, 2016). Nowadays, for Nurses with a higher level of teachings, the process of hiring nurses has changed. The nurses need to go through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NSCBN) criteria and pass it to practice as a licensed nurse. The exam has Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) in which nurses should answer the questions based on their knowledge and practice, and each exam is different. In the digital phase, all the documents are computerized and saved, will be less chance of losing the patient file. (Papandrea, 2016)

Many nursing leaders gave a new definition to nursing. Due to their sacrifices, the concept of nursing has changed in our society. According to Gcu, One of the vital Leaders that has changed nursing practice would be Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887). She brought the concept of the mental health system. She traveled miles from state to state to gather facts and convince the authorities of the necessity and development of care for the mentally ill. She presented her research to a state legislature, appealed to the government, and became aware of mental health. Due to her efforts, she built the first state hospital in Trenton, New Jersey (Gcu, n.d.).

Mental health is significant in our society. As women’s changing roles in society, mental health plays very important to address and due to our leader who upgraded mental health. People are more comfortable sharing their views and discussing mental health in home, school, and peer groups quickly.

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