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Mrs. Baumgartner is a 70-year-old female who has had multiple sclerosis (MS) for more than 10 years. She lives at home with her husband of 48 years, who has been her primary caretaker. Upon her last visit to the neurologist, she has prescribed natalizumab (Tysabri). 1. What questions should the nurse ask when assessing Mrs. Baumgartner’s tolerance of the new medication? 2. Mrs. Baumgartner tells the nurse that she has been reading online about complementary and alternative therapies for MS. She asks the nurse, “Should I use some of these?” How should the nurse respond? 3. While speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner, the nurse notices that Mr. Baumgartner is often tearful when discussing his wife’s condition and treatment. What symptoms of caregiver fatigue might the nurse observe?

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