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Gibbs Reflective Cycle Guidelines



1. Description

· How you will/have used the concepts, theory, and Hartford Institute’s Competencies for Older Adults to promote health and well- being in caring for the older adult?

2. Thoughts and Feelings

· Describe how the event(s/class) made you feel.

· What were you thinking? What thinking skills or Habits of the Mind were you using?

· What do you think about the outcome now?

3. Evaluation

· Make a judgment about what has happened so far. What standards may apply? Do you view an older adult the same now?

4. Analysis

· What theories were used in this situation?

· Or were not used

· Or should be used?

· What went well?

5. Conclusion

· What are your insights, new perspectives?

· What questions do you have for faculty and peers?

6. Action Plan

· What would you do differ?

· What is the next step?




Should be about ½ to 3 pages and apa format



Emerson, R. J. (2007). Nursing education in the clinical setting. Philadelphia: Mosby

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