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1. A teenage girl has arrived complaining of pain in her left wrist. She was playing basketball when she fell and landed on her left hand. The FNP examined her hand and will expect a fracture if the girl complains:

of a dull ache.
that the pain in her wrist is deep.
of sharp pain that increases with movement.
of dull throbbing pain that increases with rest.

2. A patient has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and asked the FNP “what is osteoporosis?” The FNP explains to the patient that osteoporosis is defined as:

increased bone matrix.
loss of bone density.
new, weaker bone growth.
increased phagocytic activity.

3. Patient states, “I can hear a crunching or grating sound when I kneel”. She also states “that it is very difficult to get out of bed in the morning because of stiffness and pain in my joints”. The FNP should assess for signs of what problem?

A bone spur
A loose tendon
Fluid in the knee joint

4. When taking the history on a patient with a seizure disorder the FNP assesses whether the patient has an aura. Which of these would be the best question for obtaining this information?

“Does your muscle tone seem tense or limp?”

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