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1. What are you proposing as the topic for your EBP project?

I am proposing my topic for the EBP project, psychiatric care, and

mental health issues in adolescences.

2. Why is this topic of interest to you? I chose this topic because, as a

Psychiatric nurse, I work with adolescents with mental health

disorders, and I would like to talk about it. People mostly don’t

believe it or mention it due to its stigma when it comes to mental

health. A lot of time, it is hidden. due to the increasing number of

adolescents with psychiatric symptoms became unrecognized in

our current health care system, the ability to identify and treat

these issues in many health care settings has become vitally

important (Yearwood, al, el, 2012).

3. Would you classify the topic related to service, practice, or patient

outcomes? I would classify this topic as practice and patient





In the outpatient setting, would educating clinic staff (or whoeve r) on

the signs and symptoms of mental illness in adolescents vs (whatever

current practice is) help with early intervention and treatment?




Paus, Giedd, J. N., & Keshavan, M. (2008). Why do many psychiatric disorders emerge during adolescence? Nature Reviews. Neuroscience, 9(12), 947–957. Yearwood, Pearson, G. S., & Newland, J. A. (2012). Child and adolescent behavioral health : a resource for advanced practice psychiatric and primary care practitioners in nursing. Wiley- Blackwell.

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