1. You have been appointed to chair a hospital-wide committee to develop and implement a plan to improve patient satisfaction in your facility. Your Chief Nursing Officer has provided you a summary report indicating a steady decline in patient satisfaction over the previous six months. You will need to identify the various resources available for tracking patient satisfaction, establish a clear bench mark and design a specific plan of action for reversing this trend. It is essential to note in your development that research has shown nurse communication and hourly rounding to be key drivers in patient satisfaction metric improvements. These points should be a focus of your change initiative.


2. The prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) is a key focus for healthcare organizations of late. Infections acquired during admission not only affect patient care outcomes, but are of high impact to the financial operations of the organization as reimbursement is directly affected. Identify a particular HAI as the focus of your change management and develop a plan to reduce and/or eliminate HAIs in a particular patient population in the facility.


3. Meaningful Use is a hot topic relative to initiatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). As we move to a virtual, interactive medical record that transcends physical walls of organizations and primary care providers, it is essential that nurses embrace the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and its documentation capabilities. Devise a plan for improvement of at least two Meaningful Use metrics for your facility; ensure you include education and monitoring as key relative to the established benchmarks from CMS.






Each student will produce a plan for implementing a change project in nursingdepartments throughout theorganization.You will beginby selecting oneoftheoptionsprovided in module oneandproposeachange to solve the problem. If you do not select one of the provided options you will not receive credit for this assignment. Then you will select one of the change theories you have studiedthat modelshowyouwant toimplementtheproposedchange. Youwillconducta SWOTanalysisanddevelop a comprehensive action plan. You will create a PowerPoint presentation of your planwith a“script”intheNotessection below each slide, asifyouarepresentingthistoanaudience. These will be your speaker notes as if you are presenting your PowerPoint to an audience. You MUST have a notes section for your slides. There will be a 50 point deduction if notes are not present. (The Notes section can be found below each slide within the PowerPoint presentation).


Duringandafteryourwork,youwillexaminethetypesofcommunications,decision-making processes,andprocessesyouuse,andcommentuponthoseinthelastpartofthe“script.”




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