Please note that these are two assignments in one.


A 25 y/o presents to Labor and Delivery with complaints of uterine cramping and lower back pain. Denies any vaginal bleeding at this time. Has related history of a preterm birth at 32 weeks’ gestation with her last pregnancy. The baby is 3 years old now and has no developmental issues.

Her current gestational age is 30 weeks.

She is O+ and all other lab values are normal. No noted STI’s.

1. Group Beta Strep is missing from the labs – most often is obtained at 35 – 37 weeks’ gestation.

2. Without this information it is often determined to treat the patient anyway – presumptively to protect a premature baby from the risk.

3. What other information would you like to ask her?

4. What nursing intervention will you provide?

5. What screening tests are often obtained to help determine her risk for preterm labor.

6. And if it is determined she is in preterm labor what medications may you want to use with a doctor’s order?

7. Please also give dose, side effects and possible result of the medication.

Required for question 1

· Please answer Q1 in 3 paragraphs with one citation paragraph and 5 sentences per paragraph, explaining each point made.

· Make a conclusion please.

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Q2. Comparison of Respiratory Disorders:


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