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Summary of Advocacy Plan to address your identified social determinants of health (SDOH)

Advocacy is required for the process of change. In advocating for social change, the nursing profession is critical. To begin, I choose a problem that affects my neighborhood. I intend to raise awareness of adult obesity in Laramie County, in Wyoming. I investigated the prevalence of adult obesity in Laramie County compared to the rest of Wyoming and the rest of the United States. I went to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to discover more about adult obesity in my area. I then concentrated on the policy landscape, which included decision-makers and health-related socioeconomic issues (SDOH). The majority of residents in Laramie County, Wyoming, lack access to dietary education and exercise equipment. Once I had a strategy in place, I provided evidence and a plan to policyholders with authority to implement the improvements I had proposed (Gomez, 2017). All of these activities will be included in the procedure. The goals and objectives are found on websites about healthy people. To avoid adult obesity in the adult population of Laramie County, Wyoming, I used the knowledge I obtained from these resources to create a nutrition education program and provide them with cheap exercise equipment (Marion, 2017). I established a reasonable target of reducing the population of obese individuals by 5% each year by providing free online and in-person instructional courses and programs and providing easy-to-use, free exercise equipment in public parks.


Gomez, G. (2017). US Health Policy and Prescription Drug Coverage for FDA-Approved Obesity Medications (Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University).  https://search. proquest.com/openview/ 39c873f9951e58703200545f6bd4b5 52/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl= 18750&diss=y

Marion, H. (2017). 2 nd Annual Wyoming IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence Conference.  http://www.uwyo. edu/wyominginbre/_files/docs/ 2017-inbre-conference-program. pdf

Discuss two differences in how an advanced professional nurse advocates for an at-risk population in the community versus how an advanced professional nurse advocates for an individual patient in the clinical practice setting. Include scholarly source(s) as part of your response.

B.  Describe how the advanced professional nurse will apply two evidence-based strategies to promote interprofessional collaboration within an Advocacy Action Team (AAT). Include one scholarly source to support your description.

C.  Analyze data that validates a health issue affecting an at-risk population in the county or state where you live or work. Include relevant source(s) as part of your response.

D.  Describe two characteristics of the at-risk population identified in part C.

E.  Analyze how a specific social determinant of health (SDOH) in the county or state is predisposing the at-risk population from part C to the health issue identified in part C.

F.  Analyze how current policy is insufficient to address the SDOH identified in part E.

Note: Current policy may be a county ordinance, county or state regulation, state law, program, school curriculum, health initiative, etc.

G.  Provide a policy proposal to address the SDOH identified in part E. Include scholarly source(s) to support your policy proposal as part of your response.

1.  Describe how the policy proposal could impact the health issue from part C.

2.  Discuss how the policy proposal will address diversity in the population to ensure equitable distribution of resources.

3.  Describe how the policy proposal upholds two provisions from the ANA Code of Ethics. Include relevant source(s) as part of your response.

4.  Describe two actual or potential barriers in your county or state that impede the implementation of the policy proposal.

H.  Provide the name and title of one policymaker with authority to move the policy proposal forward.

1.  Provide the rationale for choosing the policymaker identified in part H.

I.  Describe two strategies you will use as an advanced professional nurse to strengthen your professional practice as a policy advocate.

J.  Create an (I)SBAR summary of the policy proposal using the attached “(I)SBAR Summary Template. Save and submit your (I)SBAR summary as a separate .pdf or .docx document.

Assignment 2

List of seven team-building strategies

•   list of five key interprofessional stakeholders

•   list of four agenda items for your first advocacy action team meeting

one SMART (S:specific, M:measurable, A:achievable, R:realistic, and T:timely) goal that guides and provides a unified direction for the advocacy action team and includes one sentence for each component of the SMART go