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It would be expected an ST elevation, and an inverted T wave. In the case the patient present with pain that spread upward into his neck and lower jaw, unrelieved by aspirin, and 3 SL NTG tablets.  (Thygesen, Alpert, Jaffe, Chaitman, Bax, Morrow, & Windecker, 2019)


The most specific test that I would choose is the Troponin T test, because this test is specific to the cardiac muscle, and not to other muscle in the body.


Fever is a very common symptom after a Myocardial Infarction, it is because the MI is caused by a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to some areas of the heart, and these areas become necrotic and inflammatory process occurs, which is going to lead to an increase in the body’s temperature.


In the process of an MI, the blood supply to an area of the heart is stopped, this is going to cause the myocardial tissue to go into anaerobic respiration, which is going to cause the release of lactic acid, which is going to irritate the nerves ending causing the patient to experience pain

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