Case Study # 2

Alyssa, age 26, had a cesarean delivery 7 days ago and is breastfeeding her baby. She calls the office today and reports that she has a temperature of 102. (Learning Objective 5)

Given the limited information you have, describe the four most likely types of infection Alyssa may have contracted.

The most important postpartum infections that Alyssa can get after cesarean section include postpartum surgical wound infections,

perineal cellulitis after cesarean,  How can the perinum become infected from a C/S they are not proximal body parts

post-cesarean urinary tract infections and

postpartum septic pelvic phlebitis. Incorrect and not a common infection.

What additional questions do you want to ask her to try to ascertain the cause of her fever?

I will ask questions to Alyssa regarding the pattern and frequency of fever. remission pattern of fever. I will ask her whether she has any burning pain during micturition or burning sensation in the urinary tract. A history of any pelvic pain or discharge from the vagina will be evaluated.

3. Describe the care required to treat each of these infections.

Alyssa should be advised to take care of her surgical wound. Daily hygiene of the wound should be maintained. clean pads should be used. Oral antibiotics should be prescribed to her. Clindamycin and gentamycin should be given initially and then switched according to culture and sensitivity results.