Some of the things I have done.

This nurse participated in fire incident that occur on the unit, by evacuating patient to safe area, also try to go in to make sure there is no patient left on the unit and check the safety of all the staffs working that day, Assisted to transfer patient to another facility by coordinating care, among the staff as charge nurse.

DISTRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: I was charge nurse by the help of other disciplinary team to de-escalate the patient behavior to maintain safety with other patient and staffs.

As charge nurse during rounding, I found the patient by the side of his bed laying unconscious, help and rapid responded called the patient situated and transfer to ED for further evaluation.

I helped patient found his belonging after left to another faciility because there is changed in his status that lead to critical, patient recover and came back looking for his belonging this nurse, make call and able to locate patient belonging and patient was happy and said to this nurse” You are done so great for me, I never thought I would be able to find my belongings after several attempt with other staff.

This charge nurse utilize the staff because of shortage of staff when acity level was high for example 3 patient on 1:1 status, before the NOD was able to found help for us, in which the patient were safe and staff.

I worked on mental health unit for 2 years as Registered nurse.