Nursing- 3pages

Assignment 5.1 Middle Range Theories: Community, Technology, and Meaning

Community Nursing Practice Model and Logotheory

Reading Study Guide: Smith & Parker, Ch 25 & 26; Theory of Meaning

1. Within the CNPM, what do the concentric circles represent? How are these circles connected?

2. Discuss two challenges that may be encountered as the nurse applies the CNPM in clinical practice.

3. How do you see each of the following core principles (tenets) of Logotheory evidenced in clinical practice?

A. Freedom of will

B. Will to meaning

C. Meaning of life

4. Describe how you would use the process of “knowing persons” as outlined within Locsin’s Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing theory, to improve patient care.

Chpt 22 pgs 393 to 408

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