Please note that these essays should be no more than 500 words. You should use at least one reference in completing this essay, but it may be popular or news media, or even a film you have seen or book you have read.


1. Reflect on an illness experience in your own family or a family you know. Describe the struggles the family experienced with the illness. Consider the biological, social, psychological, or spiritual factors that influenced the management and coping of the family. Based on your experience pose a nursing approach that may have been helpful to the family. Use your readings to support your analysis and response.

2. What is your definition of family and family health?

3. Describe your family health experience utilizing the 3 family health domains (contextual, functional, and structural).

4. Describe your family’s health routines. Identify some barriers or challenges for families not developing or maintaining health routines

5. Thinking Family – Address the health inequities or health disparities: Does the basic premise of family focused nursing care hold true: When the health of one family is improved, the health of society has also been improved.

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