Practicum Focus Sheet Assessment 1 Note: Expect to spend at least 2 hours with the patient, family, or group you’ll be working with during this portion of your practicum, assessing the health problem you’ve defined from a leadership, collaboration, communication, change management, and policy perspective. This includes time you may elect to spend in consultation with subject matter or industry experts. You’ll report on the results of this work as part of your next assessment. For this portion of your practicum, consider the following:

• Identify the patient, family, or group you intend to work with.

• Think about what you hope to learn. o What’s your rationale for choosing this particular patient, family, or group?

• Consider how you’ll present your ideas about the problem to the patient, family, or group and convince them of its significance.

• Which leadership, collaboration, communication, and change management skills will you need to apply in order to work successfully with your chosen patient, family, or group?

• Which potential barriers do you foresee in presenting the problem to this patient, family, or group?

• Which change management strategies might you employ to overcome these barriers? o For example, you might consider creating a sense of urgency supported by data or policy requirements.

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