NURS 6551 Final Exam 2 (100 Questions)/NURS 6551 Final Exam 2 (100 Questions)

Question 1

Lisa has Cushing’s syndrome. You would suspect her to have or to develop

Generalized increased pigmentation of the skin.
Hair loss.
Excitability and nervousness.

Question 2

A 4-year-old female with profuse vomiting, sweating, lacrimation, and diarrhea, who seizes in the emergency room. Which of the following is the most likely etiology?

Malrotation with intermittent volvulus
Insecticide ingestion
Esophageal foreign body

Question 3

Antibiotic therapy is one of the mainstays of treatment for which of the following causes of wheezing?


Question 4

An 18-month-old African American girl is brought to your office because she has been crying and stopped walking today. She will crawl, however. Her mom denies any injury to the child. On examination, she is crying but consolable in her mother’s arms. She has bruising and swelling just proximal to the left ankle. An x-ray reveals a spiral fracture of the tibia. At this time, you advise the mother that:

You are going to report this to child protective services as suspected abuse.
You are going to refer the child for a bone biopsy because this is a pathologic fracture that may represent a neoplasm.
This is a common fracture resulting from twisting on a planted foot.
You should draw blood to evaluate for sickle cell disease, which may cause infarction of the bone.

Question 5

Tracy, the mother of a 2-year-old, is concerned because her daughter walks on her toes all the time. What do you tell her?

“Toe walking is considered normal until age 3.”
“Don’t worry, she’ll outgrow it.”
“Toe walking is normal until she starts kindergarten.”
” We should do further testing now.”

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