NUR3045 Module 2 Quiz Chapter 6 Latest/NUR3045 Module 2 Quiz Chapter 6 Latest

Question 1 A patient is interested in learning more about healing. About what types of healing would the nurse suggest the patient focus this study?

Select all that apply.

1. Spiritual
2. Inner
3. Physical
4. Deliverance

Question 2 A patient tells the nurse that she is a member of a religion where birth control is either permitted or up to the choice of the couple. Which religions have this belief regarding the use of birth control?

Select all that apply.

1. Buddhist Church of America
2. Judaism
3. Hinduism
4. Mennonite

Question 3 The family member of a patient with bipolar disorder is sitting quietly in the waiting room praying. To which saint would the family member most likely be praying for help with mental illness?

1. St. Dymphna
2. St. Odilia

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