NSG5003 Midterm Exam Exam Latest/NSG5003 Midterm Exam Exam Latest


Question 1. Stress-age syndrome directly results in the depressed function of which system?





Question 2. Which predominantly female valvular disorder is thought to have an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern and is thought to be associated with connective tissue disease?

Mitral valve prolapse

Tricuspid stenosis

Tricuspid valve prolapse

Aortic insufficiency

Question 3. Sitting up in a forward-leaning position generally relieves which breathing disorder?




Dyspnea on exertion

Question 4. Which intracardiac pressure is generated by atrial contraction?

A wave

C wave

Y descent


X descent

Question 5. Which T-lymphocyte phenotype is the key determinant of childhood asthma?

CD4 helper T 1 (Th1) lymphocytes

CD4 helper T 2 (Th2) lymphocytes

CD8 cytotoxic T (Tc) lymphocytes

Memory T lymphocytes

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