McClelland Case Study

McClelland case study part 3

Nursing Process: Planning Interventions

The establishment of diagnoses and associated goals for Mr. McClelland now requires nursing interventions, individualized to the patient, to facilitate the meetings of the identified outcomes. Nursing interventions flow from the information provided by the problem (NANDA label) and the etiological factors identified in the nursing diagnostic statement as well as the desired outcomes already identified using the Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC) system. The Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) provides a standardized comprehensive listing of direct and indirect care activities performed by nurses.

1. List three nursing diagnosis for Mr. McClelland   1 actual, 1 at risk, 1 wellness

2. Describe how the parts of the diagnostic statement indicate the possible interventions to be used to resolve the problem.

3. When determining the interventions to meet Mr. McClelland’s needs, what factors should be considered that will influence a successful meeting of the desired goals?

4. Identify 2 major NIC interventions for each of the diagnoses and outcomes identified in the outcome planning phase.

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