Week 2: What you should know # 4

Chapter 3

  1. Name factors that affect healthcare trends, calling on our leaders to be more savvy in their development.
  2. What is the purpose of Jim Collins’ (Good to Great) Level 5 leadership distinctions? What type of leaders do the best organizations possess?
  3. What is servant leadership? Why would this be a good model to have in a healthcare setting?
  4. Define the qualities of servant leadership
  5. Define human capital and social capital and relate its importance to healthcare leaders
  6. Define emotional intelligence and relate its importance to nurse development/nursing care
  7. What are the five components of emotional intelligence?
  8. Define emotional literacy and give an example of a workplace situation where this would be useful.
  9. Define authentic leadership and discuss how it is different from transformational leadership
  10. How does one assess the trustworthiness of an authentic leader?
  11. Define quantum leadership and how it builds upon transformational leadership.

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