Benjamin, a 20 year old student at University of Longacres, goes to South Park Shopping mall on the 3 rd of August. He decides to go to “Visby Shoes” to purchase a pair of tennis sneakers. The sign at the door says “No Mask, No Entry”. Please wash or sanitize your hands at the door”. Benjamin sanitizes his hands and walks in. He meanders around the shop for about 15 minutes before he is confronted by the security guard, Ms Priscilla.

She tells him that he needs to leave the shop as he is not wearing a mask. Benjamin says he cleaned his hands and the sign said you need to have a mask which he did, in fact, have in his pocket.

Ms Priscilla – “Don’t get cheeky with me, boy! You know the laws, get out of the shop, ala!”

Benjamin – “Mmmm aunty, calm down hehehe…it’s a public holiday and there is hardly anyone around..if we die, we die.

Benjamin and Ms Priscilla get in a tussle. She gives him a hot slap for being “foolish and selfish”. Feeling quite embarrassed, Benjamin angrily pushes her and she falls to the ground. Her perfume is very strong and he even sneezes on her several times. Some by standers rush to her aide. She does not seem to be hurt but nonetheless, she wants to bring a case against Benjamin. He was sneezing after all and could have infected her with COVID19.