You are required to synthesize the book’s contents along with all the course objectives. Hence, in addition to summarizing the book and pointing out key and significant points, you will need to draw attention to correlations wherever they are found between the book’s contents and the course specific objectives and topics. You can mesh these requirements together or create separate paragraphs when distinction warrants. It is recommended that you follow the book as written, using headings and subheadings to create an orderly flow of thought.

The analysis will be written in standard APA formatting using headings and references.

The main headings should be:


  • Introduction

  • How It All Works

  • Why It Matters

  • What Can We Do?

  • Conclusion/Summary

Subheadings should be added as needed.

No other references are required, but you must still cite the book throughout the paper in APA format.

The analysis/book review must be at least 7 full pages of content (1750 to 1925 words