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GIS exam preparation is never easy, but GIS Exam Prep Tools will help ease the pain. Why waste your time with outdated study methods or costly software when you can find the tools you need for free? Here, we have provided a step-by-step guideline to help you prepare for the GIS exam.

How To Prepare For GIS Exam

There are many ways to prepare for the GIS Exam. You can take a course, read a book, or read online articles. However, the best way of preparing for these types of exams is by doing practice questions and preparing yourself with what is expected from each section of the exam.

In order to prepare for this exam, it would be wise for you to read up on the topics mentioned below:

– Spatial Analysis: This includes mapping techniques such as cartography, map projections, topology, geodesy, geomatics and remote sensing.

– Geography: This includes topics such as physical geography, environmental geography and human geography.

– Cartography: This includes topics such as principles of map design and cartographic information systems.

– Geodesy: This includes topics such as geodetic datums, terrestrial measurement and field surveying.

– Remote Sensing: This includes topics such as Earth observation from orbiting satellites and terrestrial remote sensing from aircraft.

– Geomatics: This includes topics such as principles of geographic information systems, remote sensing and geographical data processing.

The Best Tips on How to Prepare For GIS Exam

There are several tips to prepare for the GIS Exam. Some of these tips include finding a mentor, practicing with ArcGIS software and developing a study plan. The following are some important tips for preparing for and passing the GIS exam: 

  • Know your objectives and study accordingly: Know what you need to learn for this exam as well as what you need to know in general.
  • Learn about different types of maps: Understand the types of maps used in different industries and how they can be used to find information. 
  • Take practice exams: Taking practice exams will help you prepare for actual testing conditions. 
  • Study with others: Study with others who have taken or are taking this exam so that you can share notes and ideas about what works best for them when studying.
  • Know your limits: Understand the limitations of this exam, like what types you need to know or know about.
  • Learn how to answer multiple choice questions: This will help you prepare for the type of questions that will be asked.
  • Know your software basics: Know how to use a computer and its components like a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.
  • Test yourself on the materials covered in lectures: Making sure that you can answer these types of questions before taking an exam will help ensure your success.

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How To Best Prepare For GIS Exam