Homework 10

MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions





Discussion 10.1: Correlation and Regression




For this discussion forum, refer to the Excel file Discussion 9-1 Data Set that contains information on the following:


Identify the worksheet (tab) that matches the first letter of your LAST name (i.e., if your last name were “Fudd” you would use the data from the “F” tab). This will be the source data you will use to answer your remaining questions for this initial post.

From your source data: What is the linear correlation coefficient?

Using the linear correlation coefficient obtained in step 2 and at a level of significance of 0.05, is there sufficient evidence to support the claim of linear correlation between the two variables? Explain. (Hint: In the Excel file you used to obtain the source data, there is a worksheet/tab named Critical Values. You will need to use it to support your claim on this part of the discussion).



Discussion 10.2: Relative Risk, Odds Ratio, and Epidemiology



Define epidemiology, risk ratio, and odds ratio, and describe the three basic types of epidemiological studies. Provide examples of each (i.e., show the calculations provided in your research). Why are these calculations essential in the healthcare field?

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