Healthy People Initiative

Using the link below respond to question 1-10 in 150 words per question (total of 1500 words). include at least 2 references in your response.

1. What is the program about?

2. What is the overall goal for the program?

3. What type of assessment[s]/data was collected for this topic?

4. Who are the political advocates in this program?

5. What have these people done to implement or support this movement?

6. Where do the healthcare professionals come into play?

7. How can you as a health care professional support this agenda where you reside?

8. What additional information did you find valuable on this page or another in the Health People 2020 website? Hint: You need to look around a bit click links on the page[s].

9. Write a summary to the following link :- Research 4 community program for elderly and state how they can improve the health of this population.

10. State the overall goal / mission and history of healthy people initiative? Why and how was this program established.

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