Health Promotion Matrix

  1. Review Healthy People 2030 and choose one (1) area of interest. You are to research health promotion in your area of interest. (link—->)
  2. Research your choice and include in your work the following:
    1. Create a list of five (5 or more) activities that are reflective of health promotion.
    2. Create a matrix that lists:
      • the individual activity
      • the person responsible to conduct that activity
      • who the target audience is
      • how the activity will be presented.
    3. Include in your work any special items or props that would be beneficial.
  3. Your work should be:
    • At least 5 pages
    • Use citations and references as needed
    • Typed utilizing proper spelling, grammar and in APA style
    • Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file and upload the file

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