Group Assignment

A common task in healthcare involves a team assessing how changing regulations, mandates, or market conditions will impact an organization.  At times, the very survival of the entity depends on this analysis.  Each student will be assigned to a team and tasked with working together to develop a presentation on the following topic:

Since the 2016 presidential election, there have been multiple changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  What are they and how have they impacted healthcare access, cost, and quality?

Questions to be addressed in your research include:

·                  What is the status of those who were newly covered?

·                  What are exchanges and how are different States approaching them?

·                  What does the Medicaid program have to do with the ACA?

·                  How have health insurance premiums been affected?

·                  What variables are in play in the political debate over the impact of the ACA on cost, access, and quality of care?

·                  What are some of the key challenges facing state and national policymakers given the current status?

·                  On balance, has the ACA been a good or bad law?  Provide a clear, fact-based, non-emotional justification for your conclusion.

On balance, is the ACA a good or bad law? Provide a clear, fact-based, non-emotional justification for your conclusion.

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