Ethics Presentation (3 Ppt Slides)

 Make 3 powerpoint slides identifying the ethical problems or dilemma in the case study and what the nurse should do.

Patient’s health is steadily declining during the night on a medical-surgical unit in a small rural hospital. The only physicians available are the ER doctor who has been on duty since the afternoon and the on-call hospitalist. The hospitalist is called to the bedside. During conversation, the nurse discovers that the physician had been drinking at a local sports bar when he received the call and came in. He has been rendering care to the patient for an hour now. What should the nurse do when using the nursing process to make ethical decisions and advocacy in nursing pratice? What is the ethical dilemma?

This should be in APA in powerpoint form of three (3) slides with citations  and references of all scholary research. Also include links of references if need be.

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