Discussion Response

Nurse Julie Theo was accused of criminal disregard after she erroneously infused some unacceptable medication for a high school young lady in labor, which lead to her demise. Kimberly Hiatt was charged in the wake of making a numerical mistake that prompted an overdose of calcium chloride and the resulting passing of a fundamentally sick newborn child.

We as nurses can learn to double check medications and medication math. As well as learn to always remember to check the six rights of medication, Also, learn to let a second nurse check our medication math. learn and realize what to do if medication error happens, what to do as a convention, learn time management so we do not exhaust ourselves.

The principle of beneficence is moral rule that medical caretakers’ activities ought to advance great. I imagine that the principle of beneficence could be applied to the situation of Kimberley Hiatt in light of the fact that she was not effectively attempting to hurt the child, but in the end her actions prompted the death of the patient. Kimberley has the best goal for her patient, but her action did not show her actual expectations. The prudence of benevolence can likewise be applied to the situation of Thao because of her having a “charitable disposition to do good in regard to others” (Jones,2017). she took the extra shift as an expression of her good will. As a result of this failure, the mishaps were handled ethically and legally by the management.

Different ethics that their colleagues might have displayed is responsibility. In the event that their colleagues would have indicated responsibility for themselves as well as for others on their nursing group. Another accommodation temperance is teamwork. in the event that their colleagues would have shown cooperation, they may have had the opinion to twofold check other colleague’s medication administration. Goodness is the prudence of obligation if Thao’s colleagues realized that she was working extended periods they might have medicated and conversed with Thao.

The virtue of forgiveness could be extremely useful to second victims who have not had the opinion to excuse themselves for committing an error. The second victim should have the option to perceive that they ate not a perfect human and they can commit errors. The virtue of growth would be useful to second victims also. The second victim can gain from the error and attempt to instruct others on the subject of second casualties.

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