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Patient milieu is often an unconscious thought in the back of the mind in a healthcare provider. Being empathetic to patients absolutely has a direct correlation in patient outcome. This discussion will go over the “being” in providing care in a healing environment in my advanced practice.

Patient centered care is exactly what it sounds, to be the “being” in providing care the patient needs to know that you are not just there physically but also emotionally. To have an emotional connection with a patient will directly impact quality of care and patient outcomes. In a study using a regression analysis tool between caring behavior and satisfaction, basic nursing care such as bedside report in handover in patient care, keeping the patient informed of plan of care, and having an empathetic approach when giving care had a direct positive correlation in patient outcomes regarding healing and satisfaction. (Jagoda et al., 2019)

In my advance practice I will continue to practice these simple yet effective steps as I already do as a bedside nurse. Keeping an empathetic state with a patient will lead to emotional healing which then in turn keeps a positive influence on the healing process. Patients and their families need to feel as if the patient care matters; this will continue to improve patients quality of life and help with coping not only with patients but their loved ones. To conclude, patient and loved ones emotional well being should always be considered when treating a patient’s physical health whether it be end of life or quality of life and it all starts with patient centered care.





Nursing is a profession that undergoes rigorous training and continuous education in order to meet the evolving healthcare demands. As for my opinion, nursing goes beyond treatment and prevention of diseases or illnesses which is why Jean Watson’s theory of caring resonates with my beliefs as a nurse. Jean Watson’s theory of caring revolves around preservation of human dignity, kindness and compassion in order to prevent treating patients as an object or number but as an equal human being. Although it is important to focus on physically caring for the patients, expressive care is vital because it is patient-centered and involves building interpersonal relationships between the nurse and patient or patient’s family. A study by Durgun and Okumus (2017) analyzed the effects of caring on women who suffered anxiety or distress when infertility treatments failed. This study showed that applying Watson’s caring theory greatly reduced the women’s distress and anxiety by helping build interpersonal relationship such as a helping-trusting bond with the patients, supplying a mean of support and allowing ways to express themselves when the treatment failed. The importance of showing genuine human kindness, compassion and caring to patients goes a long way because it helps build trust and provide additional emotional support when a patient is in distress which can ultimately can lead to greater patient satisfaction. As noted by Pajnkihar, Štiglic and Vrbnjak (2017), patient satisfaction is one of the indicators of quality and efficiency of health care system; therefore, using Watson’s theory of caring helps satisfy and meet patient’s psychosocial, spiritual and social needs.

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