Discuss The Ways In Which A Nurse Demonstrates Cultural Competency In Nursing Practice.

Topic 4 DQ 1

In the field of nursing there are many things the nurse needs to be good at. We need to be good at listening, assessing, treating, and many other things. Today there are so many different cultures that nurses meet. To provide the best care for the patient the nurse needs to be culturally competent and be able to gain the cultural information from the patients. To gather that information, the nurse can do several things. They can ask the patient verbally or by a written questioner. The nurse can also observe the patient and pick up on their culture. asking the patient to get the information can sometimes be difficult but I think it is the best way. The nurse needs to ask questions in a non-judgmental way.

When a nurse is culturally competent they give better care. They can know what the culture wants and allows during care. Some cultures the husband makes all the decisions, some cultures do not allow a male doctor or nurse around a female patient. In my field certain cultures do not believe in pain management and some believe in a LOTUS birth. When the nurse knows the different cultural beliefs, they can give much better patient centered care. Allowing the patient to practice their beliefs if they are safe shows cultural competency on the nurse’s part. Not trying to force the patient to do something that they do not believe in, for example pushing the pain medication on the patient that does not believe in it. Being culturally competent is very important so there needs to be training to become culturally competent (Cuevas, O’Brien, Saha, 2017)

Respond to the above posting using 200-300 words APA format with references supporting the post

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