Discuss How Geopolitical And Phenomenological Place Influence The Context Of A Population Or Community Assessment And Intervention

1.One of the core functions of public health nursing has to start with the community assessment similar to assessing patient in any other situation .Comprehensive approach that emphasize the community as a client.The community health nurse is a key player in assessing the needs of the community.it includes examination of biological,psychological and sociocultural influences of the environment that surrounds a specific group of people.it aims to understand the interaction between people,health and the environment and identifies needs,clarifies problems and strengths and resources.Knowledge provides insight into the ways that peoples health behaviours directly and indirectly influence the overall and well-being in their community.The goal is to identify community health needs and to develop strategies to address them.The method varies depending on the purposes for the assessment.Prople,place and function are the foundational dimensions of the community and need to defined as part of the assessment.it involves getting to know and understand the community as patient.The components of a community assessment are People,Environment and Social systems.In the first asssessment People includes

Demographic–how many people live there,distribution of people and census,biological factors- health and disease sttates,race and gender distribution,causes of death,age,social factors include income,occupations and cultural factors include values,norms,ethnicities,religion and cultural values of the community.

Place or Environment- physical factors which include geography,terrain ,location of health systems,animal control,housing and environmental factors include climate,toxic substances ,geography.

Social systems include religions,churches,denominations,community resources,legal systems,transportation systems,recreational systems.

2 First data collection is done and it can be primary or secondary.information from both primary and secondary data should be compared.Assessments are often more informal.This is collected through Informant interviews,community forums,secondary data,participant observation,windshield surveys,focus groups and surveys.Community nursing diagnosis is process for community health,is different from other diagnosis.it includes risk of (specific problem or risk in the community),among(population),related to (strengths and weaknesses in the community that influence the problem or risk,health needs),as evidenced by(proof by some of the sources by primary data,stakeholder ).The planning phase analyzes the community health problems identified in the community nursing diagnoses and establishes priorities among them;establishes goals and objectives;and identifies intervention activities that will accomplish the objectives.Common themes of current national and international health plans are health promotion and disease prevention at the population level,addressing social determinants of health and achieving health equality.Implementation in the community by work/activities aimed at achieving the goals and objectives .it maybe made by the person or group.Changes in health behavior or health status at one level produce changes at other levels of the community system

Using 200-300 words APA format with references supporting the discussion.

Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to assist in identifying health issues (local or global in nature) and in creating an appropriate intervention, including screenings and referrals, for the community or population.

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