Develop A Plan To Update An Online Educational Campus Website



I. What are the Objectives of this plan and key actions?

II. What is the proposed timetable for the actions?

III. What are resources that might be needed? (Human resources, consultancies, platform

development, courses development, among others).


Introduction The Covid19 pandemic significantly impacted the education sector. It resulted in

reforming education strategy, remote learning, and using online tools. The virtual campus is

adapted to promote awareness and manage education in various courses in the American regions.

It is a great platform but needs changes to make trainees more attractive and accessible.

A. Objective to Improve and Key Actions

The design of the home page needs some changes. It needs:

• Outline website goals.

• Gathering project specifications, like budget, timeline, and site content (images and

written copy) prepared helps designers provide accurate quotes.

• Submit a brief.

I. Designing a website can be a lot of work, but it’s essential to take it seriously for an

educational institution to succeed. Here is some suggestion that the web design is up to par for

today’s internet users.

1. User-Friendly Navigation

A design architecture should be in order and categorized according to different subjects, not

confusing and frustrating users. It allows for easy navigation throughout the rest of the website.

It would be better if the menu bar moved to the top of the page and menu options contained

different subcategories, such as various languages.

It also should have a summary explanation about virtual campus, activities, and goals with an

image or video that shows or explain it shortly.





If the courses were categorized into different topics, according to sectors of intervention, they

would be easier to access; for example, we can organize them into the following topics:

1. Microsoft and social media,

2. Prevention (a. communicable diseases (Zika virus), b. non-communicable diseases)

3. Emergency intervention (Online fundamentals course for the management of emergency

operations centers).

2. Keep Website Design Simple and Easy to Process

Too many features and items of content on a single page can be overwhelming for the modern

user. If a visitor gets consistently distracted by an overload of information on a single page, they

might not be able to comprehend the primary purpose of the content anyway.

There are 40 courses at the virtual campus that are classified into three languages. It would be

great to have a translator at the menu options that makes all the courses available in other

languages (many people can not take the courses due to language issues).

3. Make Site Responsive

It needs to be interactive with the user to keep readers engaged on-site for a more extended

period, and other basic courses need to be added to this platform, such as first aid or safety in old


4. It should contain Plenty of Images

Plenty of high-quality, relevant images on each page is crucial for website design to make it

more interesting and attractive. Each course topic can have a new and more exciting picture next

to them and doesn’t need to have the whole subject at the bottom; it can come as the background

of the short title of the topic.





Using new images pertinent to the information next to them helps break up the amount of

informational text on a page and attract more users. It will help the user’s experience remain

engaging and comfortable.

5. Keep the Loading Time for Pages low

A very significant part of any website is its functionality. If educational website design is

burdened with too much information for its data capacity, it will likely be slow. It is essential to

think about because a user might not wait around for a page to load. It requires keeping them

engaged with the site by ensuring it’s quick to load.

6. Don’t Over Explain Informational Text

Most users will appreciate a genuine sense of simplicity in the site’s tone.

The content should be simple and to the point so that users aren’t left behind in the flow of


7. Make it Colorful and Exciting

IFRC is a well-known organization. It can use this thoroughly for website design to impress the

organization’s values upon the user. From the institution’s logo, draw a sensible color scheme

throughout the website’s landing pages. From the institution’s mission statement, incorporate

short, simple messages throughout the pages.

8. Hire Professionals to Design the Perfect Site

Designing a website is the best way to ensure new students can find and relate to the institution.

There are professional services available to assist with a WordPress website design today.

II. Organizing the catalog of available courses according to sectors of intervention,

III. Global or regional training, according to language and availability.





IV. Courses updated according to specific training needs in the region and transition the courses

using Adobe Flash Player to another functional and interactive application.

V. Promotion and dissemination strategy; a campaign and awareness plan through social

networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), radio, TV programs, and the website through

informative material and descriptive videos explain the different courses and how to access them

and their benefit (increase public health and reduce health issues).

It can also encourage people to donate for educational programs promotion.

It could be used to change the design, update, or add more courses.

The campaign can also ask volunteers to help design, reorganize, and update the platform and


Approximate amounts:

1. Image change $20,000

2. Platform maintenance $5,000

3. Reorganization of academic offerings $13,000

4. Updating of courses ($100 per course currently three courses outdated) $300

5. Promotion and dissemination strategy $2500 2,500 Total $40,800

B. What is the proposed timetable for the actions?

C. What are the resources that might be needed? (Human resources, consultancies,

platform development, courses development, among others).

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