Describe The Nurse’s Role And Responsibility As Health Educator.

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A good nurse is always educating their patients to help them better understand their own health care plan and change their lifestyles for the better. A good strategy to use besides the learning styles is to utilize today’s technology. People can be directed so easily to helpful websites or videos. The nurse should consider the patient’s language and literacy levels. One of the best strategies to utilize when teaching a patient is the teach, teach-back method. This will ensure the patient understands and gives the nurse confirmation of the understanding instead of the patient just acknowledging the directions but not fully understanding how something works. When developing an educational program in health promotion it is important to think of the audience’s strengths and limitations (Kluxer, 2017). Behavioral objectives must be utilized to determine the subject matter’s limitations. Everyone will have a different learning style, so it is important to offer support. Circumstances such as patients suffering from addiction or psychotic breaks will necessitate behavior objectives. The nurse educator should be flexible in everyone’s learning styles (GCU, 2018). It is important to know the strengths and limitations of the ones being educated.


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