Concepts Of Healthcare Informatics

Concepts of Healthcare Informatics – Week 1 Assignment 1

Information Technology Part I

As a nurse or healthcare professional, it is important to realize that healthcare Information Technology is part of our daily living no matter which side you are on (love it or leave it). Either as a patient or professional, you will inevitably be exposed and interact with the system.

Therefore, which ‘side’ you are on ultimately does not matter. You must understand the steps and processes to implementation. The transformation must be embedded both at an individual, organizational, and corporate level. Indeed, it is possible that as a Master prepared healthcare professional, that you might be the one responsible for creating a “tech friendly” environment.

The text and this site explore how to create an engaging informatics culture: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. (Note: “Nurse” in this article may be substituted by “Healthcare Professional”).

Evaluate the importance of one of the foundations for Creating an Informatics Culture.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Ø  Explore the steps to support Digital Transformation

Ø  Explain why it is critical for professionals and healthcare organizations to have a collaborative and innovative culture

Ø  Create a model, using any tool you wish, to initiate an Informatics Culture in a health care organization (examples of models are found here – if you choose one, you must personalize it)

Ø  There is no specified length, Each bullet much be thoroughly explored. At all times, proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling is required. Grammarly is a free tool to assist you. All references must be placed.

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