Comment From Post 1

I believe that anytime a patient is diagnosed with diabetes or any other type of disease that it is quite debilitating and scary.  I agree with you that fear of the unknown and unfamiliar can impede the patient’s ability to manage any newly diagnosed disease including diabetes.  Fear is a factor that affects every day living (Page-Reeves, Miforatos, Mishra, Regino, Gingrish, Bulten, 2013) and teaching how to handle and overcome that fear should be a priority for the patient(s).  Understanding that fear affects patients in different ways and we should be educated in how to diminish that fear related to healthcare.

Health promotion should be one of our top priorities for any patient to help diminish fear.  Calming that fear by promoting adequate education, information and treatment plans for the patient will enable them to be more educated about the disease process.  In sense, this will help to calm the fear and empower the patient to take control of their own health.

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