Clinical Log

Four pages of Clinical Logs of Psychiatric Patient.

APA 7 Format, Cover page needed. No reference page needed

No plagiarism

Please follow the instructions on attached samples. Guidelines attached.

Answer all questions

Three weeks logs

One and half page per week and a total of four pages.

Indicate Log 1, Log 2, Log 3



1.  Maintain a clinical log.  This log should be given to the clinical instructor at the end of each 50 clinical hours.  This means that you should turn in 3 logs during your clinical experience.

2.  The log should contain psychiatric patient assessments and discussion of the following issues:


Date and Times of each clinical experience during the time frame.

Types of psychiatric patients seen.

Your comprehensive psychiatric patient assessment should include:

▪ History, Mental Health Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan

and Rational for each treatment selected.

▪ Any treatments given.

▪ Interpersonal Reaction Recordings for at least one client.

3.   Reflect on your clinical experience for the past 40 hours.

A.  Discuss your relationship with your preceptor.  Are you fulfilling your clinical goals?  Types of interactions?  How are psychiatric NP’s being  utilized in this practice?

B.  Evaluate your agency/clinical site.  Include information about how the site   operates.  Discuss your perceptions of practice in this site.

C.  Discuss any factors with facilitated or presented a barrier to your role as   an NP.

D.  Self-evaluate and critique your performance during this time period.

E.  Reactions to client interactions and responses to treatment.

4.   This log will be used to assess your progress and to give you feedback on your diagnostic skills at the beginning level.  Do not hesitate to give information on areas which you feel you could have provided better care or a different type of care.  Did you miss something altogether? How did that happen?  Critique your performance during this time frame. At this level you should be able to critique your professional practice and give information about how to improve your practice.

Suggestions for Self-Evaluation of Logs:

1.  State your clinical objectives for the week.  Were your objectives met? If so how?  If not, why? Use your written clinical objectives as a guide.

2.  Discuss feelings that relate to your professional practice this week? Include at least one aspect of professional practice as an NP and one aspect of case management, risk management.

3.  What aspects of your professional practice do you identify as strengths?

Give specific examples that support your conclusions.

4.  What aspects of your professional practice do you identify as needing improvement?

Give specific examples to support your conclusions.

5.  What strategies will you use to improve this/these aspects of your practice?

When, where and how will you implement your strategies for improvement.

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